The Composter totem suitable for public and private spaces.

Starting point:

Working Process

A composter that turns organic waste into top quality compost for your plants. Chop, mix and create your compost.


Make your compost with your neighborhood and your community.


Learn how to do the compost by reusing your food waste. The community learns how to reuse the waste materials for a new productive process.

How does it work?

PlayCompost is a composter totem suitable for public and private spaces that turns food waste in healthy compost for plants.

PlayCompost turns waste into compost and shows you the process from start to finish.
The mechanical mixing and shredding process is activated manually thanks to cranks.

Thanks to its placement in public spaces, PlayCompost encourages sharing of experience with others.
What is created is the sense of a laboratory of transformation and understanding through the communication potential of PlayCompost.

Playcompost totem

How was it born?


«A mountain of rubbish grew in front of us, which led us to a reflection: without the organic waste that mountain was not so dangerous and perhaps not so annoying.

We looked for a method to prevent the residents from continuing to throw away food waste. An immediate solution was domestic composter and the only suitable containers already available, and at no cost, were the fruit crates. The last prototype of composter I invented today is still inspired by the fruit box»

What makes Playcompost special

Play compost is:


PlayCompost turns food waste in healthy compost for your gardening.


PlayCompost teaches you how to reuse the discarded materials for a new productive process.<br /> Thanks to PlayCompost you learn:<br /> You don't need to know how to make the compost. It guides you step by step through the whole process.

Intuitive & Practical

Anyone can use it thanks to the light and sound signals. PlayCompost has a preparation and a maturation department. It is designed so that it can be used as pre - composting by an infinite number of people.


It is completely safe for everyone. All the mechanical parts are far and safe from the input gap.

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